Psychological Services for All Ages

Effectively managing stress and challenges can help you enjoy life more fully and feel better.†

Take the first step toward enhanced emotional and physical well-being.

Patricia G. Leavy, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

There are many times when life presents you with challenges that can create frustration, stress and unhappiness. These life challenges, if not dealt with appropriately, not only can severely affect your emotional and mental well-being, but can also cause physical illness.

When problems arise, you may feel that you should be able to handle them on your own. But there are times when it is helpful to speak with a professional who has the skills and training to help you address the issues.

†Talking to a psychologist can be especially valuable when:

 You face overwhelming feelings such as anger, anxiety or depression.

 You are experiencing family or relationship difficulties.

 Stress is reducing your ability to handle daily responsibilities and enjoy life.

 You have issues that interfere with job performance or work satisfaction.

 You want to change something, feel better about yourself and your life, or move forward, but you feel stuck or donít know how to begin.

Dr. Patricia Leavy, an experienced clinical psychologist, can help you identify the problems and find healthy ways to cope, reduce stress and make positive changes in your life.

If you are unsure about seeking professional help, Dr. Leavy will be glad to answer questions you may have about how a consultation with a psychologist may benefit you.†